"Growing the Modern Worship Choir"

​designed by Dave Williamson, led by Mark Powers

- Transforming, leading, & growing CHOIRS -

"​Learn to Read Music in Eight Weeks, Part 1" led by Paul Hill

- The first things you need for basic music reading -

​​"How to Lead the Worship Band" led by Travis Doucette

- Creating dynamic BAND-led worship - ​​

"Care and Feeding of the Church"​ led by Mark Powers

- Pastoral ministry skills and growth relationships -

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  • Class minimum is five students unless professor agrees to teach fewer.
  • For scholarship info email mpworshipwise@gmail.com

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Coming Next Session:​ 

"Crash Course In Worship Ministry" led by Allen Hendricks

- Planning, administrating, & leading your worship ministry  -

​​"Why God Created Worship" led by Barry Wilson

- Foundational theology of Biblical worship -   

​"Worship Writer: Writing Songs the Church Will Sing" led by Travis Doucette

- Song-writing basics for your church and beyond-

Empowering YOU for Powerful Worship Leading

​​"Learn to Read Music in Eight Weeks, Part 2" ​led by Paul Hill
- Next things you need for basic music reading - 

"Scripture as Script: WORD HEARD!"led by Jeff Smith
- Creativity, drama, character development -


"Worship Planning Basics" led by Allen Hendricks

- Resources and strategies for dynamic planning -

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"Basic Conducting for Music Directors"led by Barry Wilson
- Why do directors wave their hands? Learn how and why here! -